BrainVault is one of the safest and most comfortable mouthguards you can wear. Since the BrainVault has a custom fit, players can talk, communicate and breathe very easily – without having to take out their mouthguard. A BrainVault mouthguard can be worn for all sports. And can be worn by both male and female athletes.

  • A sports science technology founded locally right here in Austin, Texas.
  • Patented technology, based on proven science, delivered through a mouthguard, to help reduce the risk of comcussion.
  • BrainVault has used their technology for the past 8-years with roughly 100 NFL players with no concussions reported.
  • BrainVault has now brought their technology used in the NFL, in a retail version so your sons and daughters can have the
    same level of protection the NFL players have experienced
  • Is now widely used at the college, high school, and middle school levels.
  • Many of our Texas High School & College Football players have been wearing the BrainVault Custom Mouthguard for the past two seasons and now again this season with tremendous results! They have raved over the fit, the comfort and protection from their BrainVault Custom Mouthguards.
  • Many athletes continue to wear their BrainVault Mouthguard in their other high school and middle school sports such as: Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball and Cheerleading.
  • Parents love that the BrainVault Mouthguard can be worn in all sports – and now their athlete receives that protection throughout their athletic career.
  • BrainVault is currently conducting team and group fittings for college, high school and middle school athletes in Central Texas.

If you are a coach, trainer, booster club member, team parent, visit for more information to set up your team or group fittings today!

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With 27 years in practice, Dr. Ueckert’s can give you a new smile in just one day permanently secured to dental implants!
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  • Short treatment time

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  • A lifelike permanent solution

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