Gel Whitening

The most common substance used in fighting stained teeth is gel whitening solution. Gel whitening products are able to penetrate the outer layers of the tooth as they oxidize to remove tough stains. They provide a great in-office or take-home option for patients looking to improve the appearance of their smile.

Gel Whitening: How it Works

The tooth’s surface is made up of millions of microscopic pores, which can be penetrated by organic compounds. Over years of consuming pigmented food and drinks, the teeth’s surface become inundated with colored molecules creating a stained appearance.

The active ingredients in gel whitening solutions all essentially breakdown into oxygen molecules, that can also penetrate the pores of teeth. These oxygen molecules heat the pores causing them to open and allow penetration deep into the enamel. Once the oxygen molecules are through the tooth’s enamel and into the dentin, they bleach the colored molecules on the teeth, removing the stain.

Gel Whitening Chemistry

There are two active ingredients in gel solutions available for use in whitening treatments. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide work together to eliminate stains on teeth. Gel whitening products typically have a 3 to 1 ratio of these molecules.
The carbamide peroxide percentage is greater because it adds stability and shelf life to the gel. The hydrogen peroxide is lesser in quantity, but its ability to quickly react with stains is very important.

Gel Whitening Treatment at Home

There are professional gel whitening solutions that patients can get from Dr. Ueckert for use in their own homes. Take home kits offer easy to use features and a lower peroxide solution, which can remain on the teeth for longer durations. Home gel whitening solutions are applied to teeth by using bleaching trays. These flexible, plastic trays resemble mouth guards and ensure the whitening gel stays in contact with teeth. Take home gel whitening kits have proven results, especially when treatment is over an extended period of time.

Gel Whitening Treatment from Dr. Ueckert

In-office teeth whitening services from your cosmetic dentist offer several advantages over home solutions. Treatment from Dr. Ueckert and his staff of dental professionals is faster, stronger and more effective than what can be achieve through take home or over the counter products.

Dentists are allowed to use gel whitening solutions which are three times stronger than what is available to the general public. Advanced training allows the dental professional to understand hazards and risks so that they can safely administer the gel whitening solution.

This stronger gel whitening solution is fast acting providing multiple benefits. Since it quickly penetrates the enamel, multiple treatments can be performed during the same office visit. The first application helps to open pores of the teeth. Then, when a second and even third treatment is applied in succession, gel is able to travel through the open pores much easier producing greater whitening results. Each in-office gel whitening application is finished within 15 to 20 minutes, allowing the complete gel whitening process to only take about an hour.

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