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Dr Ueckert and Ashley, RDA delivered my Invisalign with exceptional detail and professionalism. Ana is always perfect in handling accounts. Carley made my appointment time a pleasure. The entire staff is awesome!! Amy is a fantastic dental hygienist!!!! I will keep returning. Thank you for making dentistry excellent and fun at the same time.
15:40 03 Oct 20
Dr. Ueckert and Ashley were both kind, thorough, and friendly. I felt like they took the time to explain things well and worked hard for me to have a good outcome.
00:52 17 Sep 20
21:00 25 Jul 20
The best! They are so thorough and accommodating. I moved to NYC and still come back here for all major dental work. Thanks team!
01:17 14 Apr 20
There is not a better dentist in Austin, or possibly anywhere. When I went to Dr Ueckert, I hadn't been to the dentist in 20 years. He never made me feel guilty, just took a look at my teeth and helped me understand what needed to be done in order to get a mouth piece made for helping with sleep apnea. They took my needs into account and my finances, even putting off work until the following year that wasn't critical to make sure my insurance would cover it. They know you when you walk in, everyone there is friendly and it is almost as mellow as a day spa. I love my dentist, which is something I never thought I'd say.
20:08 07 Jan 20
Amazing dentist that truly cares about his patients. Goes above and beyond expectations every time and always makes sure you're taken care of. Our family will go nowhere else for life. Thank you!
14:32 02 Dec 19
Absolutely the best dental office in town! The staff is helpful, friendly and always smiling.The office is clean and bright. Dr. Ueckert is excellent at what he does, I can’t believe I’m not suffering from the pain of TMD anymore! Everything about this office is perfect. Go there!
17:25 22 Nov 19
I'm not a fan of the dentist (I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling), but Dr Ueckert and his staff were friendly, professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable. They made me feel comfortable and instead of avoiding the dentist, I've become more proactive in taking care of my dental hygiene. Highly recommended!
18:43 10 Oct 19
My initial appointment was refreshing. They listened to my concerns and areas of focus. The team there was not dismissive in any way. Their top priority was to make sure I felt comfortable throughout the process.
18:16 01 Oct 19
This dentistry is simply incredible. They gave me a beautiful new smile, and literally improved my quality of life, forever. I’m so grateful for Dr. Ueckert and his ENTIRE staff, they’re amazing.
14:39 27 Sep 19
Found my teeth a new home! Very welcoming and informative dentist professionals. I’ll definitely be back!! Furthermore, really love the decor and atmosphere.
20:51 19 Sep 19
Super friendly professionals with a sense of humor
17:32 19 Sep 19
Highly recommended! I’ve been a patient with Dr. Ueckert for twenty years (more actually). I cannot imagine there is a better dentist in Austin; I was very lucky to have found this office when I moved here.
22:42 12 Aug 19
I would give 6 stars if I could. I’m one of those who has dental fear and bad experiences, but this place made me feel at ease from start to finish. From the nice welcoming front dest to the knowledgeable professionals who worked on me, I always felt comfortable. I’ve been here 3 times now and always get this consistent experience. ❤️🦷
13:59 02 Jul 19
Thank you for fitting me in when I was in pain and for staying late. You’re expert at diagnosing problems and always make sure that dental work is painless. I won’t see anyone else.
22:50 30 Apr 19
Everyone is always very nice, professional, and thorough. I always leave with a spring in my step knowing that my teeth are in good hands.
20:08 02 Apr 19
Had a fantastic experience with Dr. Ueckert today! Super knowledgeable and friendly.
18:30 27 Mar 19
Went to Dr Ueckert because other dentists said they thought I needed a root canal in order to put a crown on a back molar. I did not think it was needed (because I was not having any sensitivities--just had a deep crack in the tooth). Dr Ueckert did a temporary crown and then had me wait a long time before putting on the permanent crown (to make sure a root canal was not necessary). Sure enough, no issues with that tooth --even 3 yrs later. He's the best !
18:36 29 Jan 19
I went in for a scheduled cleaning. The staff was very cordial upon my arrival and there was only about a minute of waiting in the comfortable reception area before getting started. The hygienist explained everything she was going to do and was efficient and thorough. Fortunately there were no major issues and the next cleaning was scheduled before I left the office. The staff took care of all the insurance filing and I left with a gift bag of dental products. Very nice.
03:54 21 Jun 18
Great experience!
10:58 30 Mar 18
Staff is always friendly and helpful. Dr Ueckert always make certain that your cosmetic work looks great to not only you but to him as well.
16:49 28 Mar 18
My husband & I have been patients of Dr. Ueckert for over 10 years. We both have Julie as our hygienist and she is wonderful. I have had childhood fillings removed and replaced with porcelain crowns with Dr Ueckert. He is meticulous in his work to ensure the crowns fit properly, are the right shade to match the other teeth, and that my bite is correct. I know that his staff truly care about their patients and they take pride in their work.
00:57 23 Mar 18
00:51 23 Mar 18
Great Dentists, Hygienists, and Staff!If you have to go to the dentist you cannot go wrong with Dr. Ueckert, and Dr. London! They are both very good at what they do and have a calming "chair side" manner. I have no doubt Dr. Brazil is also great but I do not have first-hand experience with him.I also have to commend Julie (hygienist). She is the best I have ever been to. Always a joy to visit and she has the ability to get everything clean with no no pain or irritation.The front office staff are some of the best in a medical office setting I have ever seen. They are always upbeat and make sure you have all the information you need before you leave.I unequivocally recommend Dr Ueckert and Associates.
22:19 22 Mar 18
19:31 22 Mar 18
19:00 22 Mar 18
04:48 22 Mar 18
22:13 21 Mar 18
20:51 21 Mar 18
19:56 21 Mar 18
Dr Ueckert & his staff are wonderful! Always smiling & positive. They make an effort to know everyone’s name & it’s a personal experience every time I go in. Best of all, they are AWAYS on time; I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my appointment. Highly recommend this practice to anyone!
23:28 15 Mar 18
Dr. Ueckert's practice is a perfect environment for a relaxed & comfortable dental experience ...which can be frightening for some people. I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned now 🙂
18:30 15 Mar 18
I've been coming to this office for 20 years. They are the best there is in Austin
18:18 15 Mar 18
The whole entire staff is super helpful and very friendly! They make a painful experience be VERY non painful. 😝😉
15:36 08 Mar 18
Friendly and informative staff and easy, not pushy dentist! All around great experience. Thank you Dr. Ueckert!
17:26 07 Mar 18
13:56 07 Mar 18
22:46 06 Mar 18
22:21 06 Mar 18
21:09 06 Mar 18
Excellent, no long waiting times for scheduled appointments. Genuine concern for the patients dental health
19:19 06 Mar 18
Dr Ueckert and his staff have done an excellent, professional, and courteous job in fixing up my teeth and I would recommend them highly. As a health care professional, I am usually able to detect these that are highly skilled in their care and Dr Ueckert is just that.
15:46 02 Mar 18
Caring & professional service. I have been a patient of Dr Ueckert's for 20 years & would highly recommend his clinic to anyone that wants a beautiful & healthy smile. Thank you!
18:25 01 Mar 18
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Ueckert and his team! My case was extremely challenging with a long prior history of surgeries, orthodontics, and implants/crowns. Every other dentist and orthodontist I visited said they couldn't do anything more for me. Dr. Ueckert took on the challenge and the end result is astonishing!
16:51 01 Mar 18
Excellent dentist and quite a comfortable environment. Customer service is exceptional.
21:20 28 Feb 18
19:08 28 Feb 18
13:24 28 Feb 18
21:39 27 Feb 18
20:39 27 Feb 18
20:06 27 Feb 18
19:39 22 Feb 18
20:03 21 Feb 18
18:28 21 Feb 18
17:44 21 Feb 18
Dr. Ueckert takes pride in perfection and has provided me with nothing less than excellent service... above and beyond! His staff is amazing, accommodating and they are all happy to be there. That says alot!
22:17 07 Jun 17
I have never had a good or pleasant experience at a dentist office until I met the team at Dr. Ueckert Dentistry! They all make sure you are comfortable every step of the way! Highly recommended!!
12:43 13 Dec 16
Dr. Ueckert and his team are amazing! And I should know, because I spent 7 and a half hours there my first week (I hadn't been to the dentist in 8 years so there was a lot to be done). I seriously don't know how I can put into words how impressed I am with my experience there. I feel like the best way is to talk about each person at Dr. Ueckert and Associates that made my experience so great!

Elizabeth: She was the first person I spoke to when I called to make an appointment. She was extremely friendly and helpful. Every time I checked in and checked out at the office she was always so sweet.

Julie: She was my dental hygienist (and I will be asking for her every time because I love her!). She was so sweet and you could really tell that she cared. Before she did anything she would always explain it to me first. My biggest praise to her is how thoughtful she was. For two of my appointments they had to clean one side of my mouth at a time (it was more than just a basic cleaning). She would put a blanket over me and give me a pillow. When Dr. Ueckert came in to give me my shots to numb my gums and teeth she grabbed my hand and would even squeeze it for the shots that hurt more. When she began working on my teeth one of the tools she used was really loud and ringing in my ear and so she gave me headphones so I could listen to my music. I gag really easily and she was super considerate about that. If I ever needed to stop it was totally fine. She told me I was in control and it helped so much. I'm sure I am forgetting something, just know that she is amazing!

Dr. Ueckert: I met him after Julie took x-rays. His first concern was to get to know me. The whole staff is very personable. They really care about their patients. After looking over my x-rays and Julie telling him more about what her and I had already talked about he came up with a plan on what we should tackle first. You can tell from him and stories from his employees that he truly loves what he does. He also studied neuromuscular dentistry and is helping me figure out issues I have always had with my jaw. Whenever he gave me my shots to numb my mouth, he would tell me which ones would hurt more which I loved because then I wasn't surprised.

Rachel: Rachel was so helpful when talking to me about my dental insurance. I had a million questions and she so patiently answered them. She is trying to help me get the most out of my benefits and that means so much to me. She is even helping me look into my medical benefits to see what all we can get covered to make it as cheap as possible for me.

Dr. Bruce: I talked with Bruce about my jaw issues. He was super helpful in explaining it to me so that I could understand it. I also had no idea how to answer the questions he asked about my jaw because they weren't necessarily something I think about on a regular basis and he was very patient with me as I tried to explain these things.
16:38 30 Sep 16
Dr. Brazil and all of his staff are amazing. Hands down best dentist experience anywhere. They are quick, efficient, honest and love what they do! If you need a dentist go see the guys and you will not be disappointed!
16:27 24 May 16
02:51 25 Feb 16

Patient Experience

Dr. Ueckert provides the experience you’ve always wanted in a dental office: a place where your goals and input are valued and no pressure is ever applied to do anything until you are ready. A place where we realize that you are our boss and your time is respected. We will spend time to get to know you, learn your dental history, and let you tell us how we can help you.

On your first appointment as a new patient our goal is to show you what we see and tell you what we think so you can make an informed decision about your dental health care needs or desires. After collecting the necessary records to achieve this goal (like x-rays, health history, dental history and photographs), as well as cleaning your teeth, we will have a discussion with you about the findings. By the time this appointment is over you will feel confident in knowing that you have been listened to and a plan has been created to meet your needs and desires.



Dentistry as we know it focuses superficially on improving the appearance of teeth and to treat dental problems. In reality, dentistry is not all about just teeth.



General Dentistry refers to the specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity and the maxillofacial region.



Sports dentistry is concerned with the procedures, treatments, medications and prevention techniques regarding athletes and sportsmen.



The dynamic relationship between the teeth, the muscles and the jaws is an intricate one.

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    Austin is a wonderful place and I am blessed to have the opportunity to serve this city. In Austin, we have many exciting places as well as wonderful people. It is my mission to help anyone that needs dentistry, be it functional or cosmetic.

    Dental procedures need to be detailed and perfected, this is something I pride myself on. Knowledge and experience is a key factor, especially when dealing with surgical procedures. A dentist’s focus should be helping the patient achieve their personal look and feel while alleviating pain in the process.

    As an Austin Dentist. I provide a wide range of services and procedures. We invite you to browse our website to get a better feel for our dental processes. Dental care is best achieved with mutual support, trust and communication between patient, doctor and staff. We will enjoy creating and celebrate with you a beautiful smile with improved quality of life.

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