Dental Health
Most people believe they have heard it all when it comes to dental health. The methods for maintaining are widely known, but utilizing the correct technique is critical to enjoying a healthy mouth and smile.

Dental Health and Total Body Wellness

Dental health has been proven to be a barometer of overall health. Research done by the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) has shown connections between oral disease and other health issues. Poor dental health can contribute to major problems like heart disease and stroke. The issues that affect your mouth can spill over creating total wellness issues.

When oral health becomes unbalanced, it becomes easier for bacteria to enter the bloodstream through the oral cavity. Infections of the mouth can harm major organs. Often times the heart can become inflamed due to this bacteria; damaging the heart valves and tissues. Digestion problems are another concern with poor dental health. When the digestive process of the mouth is not fully realized, people are at higher risk of digestion disorders like irritable bowel syndrome and intestinal failure.

Results of AGD studies have linked 90% of systemic diseases with oral manifestations. This means that conditions like diabetes, kidney disease, and many forms of cancer all have symptoms that affect the mouth. This includes swollen and discolored gums, mouth ulcers, and dry mouth. Regular dental evaluations can be the first place where these major diseases are diagnosed, and therefore treated in their early stages. When health is not maintained, it becomes much more difficult to properly diagnose these symptoms.

Lifetime Health

It is very important to begin good dental habits as a child. The problems of gum disease, cavities, and tooth decay can begin at an early age. They are preventable by maintaining good habits and a regular dental health routine.

Overall oral health  is improved by brushing, flossing, limiting sugary snacks, avoiding tobacco products, and visiting your dentist at least twice a year. The results of failure to do so can be painful and financially costly. If you have neglected your dental health in the past, contact our office today to schedule an appointment to get yourself back on the path to oral health.

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