IV Sedation or conscious sedation by IV, a patient’s anxiety is eased and discomfort associated with dental procedures is virtually eliminated. This type of conscious sedation features several benefits that other sedation methods lack. It requires extended education and training to administer, and for this reason is not practiced by the majority of dentists. The practitioners in Dr. Ueckert’s office have received the advanced training required for certification and are licensed to perform IV sedation.


IV sedation refers to sedation in which the drug is administered intravenously, and immediately enters into the bloodstream.  An injection site is determined, usually on the back of the hand or the arm, where a thin needle is slid in close to the surface. A tube known as an indwelling catheter is then attached, so that sedative drugs can be administered.

While under sedation, vital signs are constantly monitored. This includes gauging the patient’s heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and breathing during the procedure.

Remember that during this type of treatment the patient is fully relaxed, but capable of breathing on their own and responding to verbal commands and physical stimuli. The patient may fall asleep due to the sedation, but will never be completely unconscious.


There are several benefits associated with this type of sedation. When drugs are administered intravenously they are more reliable and effective. The drugs are fast acting and can be tailored to each individual patient.

Another benefit is that the procedure is extremely safe. This is because sedation levels can be adjusted based on how the patient is responding. Practitioners must have advanced training in order to perform this type of sedation, creating a higher skill level in those licensed to sedate intravenously.

Advanced Training

A level III permit obtained from the state board of Dental Examiners is required for all dental professionals that seek to administer IV sedation. This certification is not easily obtained and usually takes over 60 hours of sedation specific training, advanced cardiac life support training, supervised administration of more than 20 patients and additional hours of continuing education.

When undergoing IV sedation, you want to be in the care of a dentist you trust. With the practitioners at Dr. Ueckert’s office, you can rest comfortably knowing you are in the good hands of skill and experience.

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