The dental professionals at the office of Dr. Gregg Ueckert make it their goal to provide the best possible dental services to each and every dental patient. Dr. Ueckert is renown through out the country for his advanced skill in treating TMJ disorders. He brings this same meticulous nature to all dental services the office provides, no matter how quick or simple.


Dentistry allows Dr. Ueckert to help those with oral health problems as well as patients that would like to enhance their look or smile. A dentist’s focus should be on helping the patient achieve optimal look and function, while alleviating pain in the process.

“We are committed to caring for your whole mouth, but we also care for you as a whole person.”

It’s the experience you’ve always wanted in a dental office: a place where your input is valued, where you are the decision maker in the course of all services, and where we always go the extra mile for you.

Cosmetic health and beauty become one through the exceptional dentistry offered by Dr.Ueckert and his staff. Your mouth and teeth function like they’re supposed to, and they’ll look great!

“A good dentist can change the way you feel about yourself and it’s my goal to provide the best staff and services in Austin. Dental services need to be detailed and perfected; this is something I pride myself on.”

A dentist’s knowledge and experience are key factors when dealing with any dental services and especially surgical procedures.



Professional care and quality dental services can be achieved with mutual support, trust and communication between patient, doctor and staff. We will enjoy and celebrate creating a beautiful smile for a lifetime of happiness.

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