All ON 4: ERIN


Patient: Erin Hogan

Dentist: Dr. Gregg Ueckert DDS

Case: Transforming a Radiant Smile

Procedure: Smile Makeover

Transforming a Radiant Smile: A Dental Journey with a University of Texas Media Personality

In the vibrant world of radio, livestreams and podcasts, our patient, a charismatic media personality frequently heard on KOKE FM, has dedicated a lifetime to storytelling and entertaining audiences. Behind the scenes, however, he battled with dental issues that significantly affected his confidence and self-image.



The Challenge:

Years of teeth grinding had taken a toll on our patient’s smile, causing significant wear and tear. Despite the use of the recommended night guard, the patients teeth were so worn down that the patient felt they were nearly invisible when he smiled. Additionally, an unfortunate traumatic incident involving our patient’s lower tooth eventually resulted in the development of a dental abscess, leading to the necessity for it to be extracted. This extraction left behind an unsightly gap that further impacted the aesthetics of his smile and confidence.

Consultation and Smile Design:

Upon consultation, it became evident that a comprehensive approach was needed to address both the consequences of teeth grinding and the need for a dental implant. Through the incorporation of advanced dental technology and smile design, we crafted a personalized smile makeover to not only restore the worndown teeth but also seamlessly integrate a dental implant to fill the gap.

Treatment Plan:

1. Wax Design:

We initiated the smile makeover by creating a wax model, providing a clear vision for both the patient and our team. The utilization of the wax design provided our patient with a tangible and visual representation of the proposed smile transformation, allowing for a handson preview and ensuring active patient participation in the decisionmaking process.

2. ZOOM! Whitening:

To enhance the overall aesthetics, in office ZOOM! Whitening was incorporated, ensuring consistent and bright color for the crowns but also providing a harmonious blend with the natural teeth, creating a seamless and radiant transformation. By whitening the patient’s teeth beforehand, we achieved a foundation of brightness that allowed the final crowns to showcase their full vibrancy.

3. Precision in Progress: Extraction and Implant Placement:

Concurrently with the development of the wax design for the smile makeover, our patient underwent the extraction of tooth #25due to the natural tooths nonrestorability. To address the resulting gap and contribute to the overall transformation, a dental implant and porcelain implant crown were expertly placed. An implant was chosen not only for its cosmetic benefits but also for its longterm stability and functionality, providing a durable solution for the patient.

4. Smile TryIn: 16Temporary Porcelain Crowns Test Drive:

Temporary full coverage upper and lower crowns were introduced for a test drive, ensuring functionality and appearance met expectations before the permanent ones were made. Crafting a trial smile with temporary materials allowed the patient to provide feedback before finalizing the makeover.

5. 1Week FollowUp:

A collaborative followup between the patient, Dr. Ueckert and ceramist, Jason Ripple, refined details regarding the temporary porcelain crowns based on the patients feedback, ensuring precision and excellence.

6. Delivery of Final Porcelain Crowns:

After the 1week followup, the finalized full coverage crowns were delivered. This marked the culmination of the process, presenting the patient with their transformed and enduring smile.

Transformation Unveiled:

The big reveal showcased a radiant and transformed smile. Worndown teeth were restored, and the gap seamlessly filled with a dental implant. Beyond aesthetics, the patient expressed genuine joy, stating, “I feel happier!” This shift reflects the transformative power of the smile makeover, liberating him from hiding his smile and allowing genuine happiness to shine through.


This case study highlights the transformative power of modern dentistry in restoring not only dental health but also confidence and selfesteem. Through a tailored and comprehensive approach, we not only addressed these issues but also provided a transformative solution that goes beyond aesthetics. The resulting smile not only met and exceeded expectations but also restored the patient’s confidence, allowing him to radiate joy and happiness during his podcast recordings. Our mission is not just about fixing teeth; it’s about understanding each patient’s unique needs and aspirations. The success of this case not only brought a smile to our patient’s face but also reaffirmed our commitment to providing personalized and cuttingedge dental care to individuals from all walks of life.

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