Our Smile Design process lives up to its name when it comes to full mouth reconstruction. You become the co-designer of your new smile as you collaborate with our professional staff.

Full Mouth Reconstruction – Smile Design

Full mouth reconstruction progress begins with a Smile Design Consultation and careful evaluation between you, the dentist and our experienced dental technicians. Your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle and even eye symmetry are examined during this initial consultation.

Radiographs, impressions and photographs are some of the tools we use to help guide you through the decision making process. The most important aspect of Smile Design is the interaction between you and our dental staff. We are given the opportunity to learn more about the individual’s goal and how we can help each person achieve the smile they desire.

The information we gather is further analyzed to produce a customized Smile Plan. At the client’s second visit, we are able to give them an exact idea of what they will  look like with the new smile. This isn’t a computer simulation or digitized photography. What you see has been created by our team of dental professionals in collaboration with a ceramist that specializes in cosmetic dental procedures.

You can then make suggested changes to your “proposed look,” or decide that it’s perfect.

That’s all there is to full mouth reconstruction.  A brand new smile in about three office visits. You’re now on your way to a more confident and attractive YOU!

Please call us or fill out our patient appointment request form here. We will be more than happy to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ueckert to discuss your smile design needs.

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