Our Perspective on Insurance


For your advantage, we have opted not to enter into any contractual commitments with dental insurance providers or governmental entities. Our dental practice is not included in any “lists” provided by employers. What this signifies is that, within our practice, you have the authority to decide on the most suitable treatment without interference from insurance companies. This statement holds significant importance, as patients in many dental offices have forfeited this privilege. Any dentist or dental facility that enters into an agreement with a dental insurance company is granting them the legal authority to dictate the available dental services. We strongly believe that it should be YOU determining the appropriate treatment, not the insurance company.


Despite not being affiliated with any dental insurance plans, we will help you by processing claims with your insurance company. There’s a possibility of receiving reimbursement for dental treatments at our practice, though it’s important to note that, as an “out-of-network” provider, the reimbursement may differ from what is indicated in your benefits statement. An exception to this is HMO plans, where coverage is exclusive to HMO clinics. Additionally, it’s crucial to recognize that your medical insurance and dental insurance are distinct policies.


As a gesture of consideration for our patients, we will take care of filing your insurance forms and assist you in securing the highest possible reimbursement from your dental insurance company. It’s important to note, though, that the exact amount your insurance company will cover for services is not guaranteed. While we will make efforts to provide an estimate, you will ultimately be accountable for any remaining balance not covered by your insurance.


Our commitment is to deliver high-quality treatment that aligns with your budgetary considerations!

As part of our patient-focused approach, we are delighted to provide convenient external financing options for procedures through CareCredit, Prima Health Credit, and Proceed Finance. The application process is straightforward, featuring a simple application and speedy online approval. These financing options empower you to commence your treatment promptly and conveniently manage payments over time with low monthly installments. A diverse range of payment plans tailored to your individual needs are available. Applying online takes only a few minutes, so apply now or feel free to inquire with our staff for more information.

    Our Perspective on Insurance
    Our Perspective on Insurance
    Our Perspective on Insurance
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