Dentist: Dr. Gregg Ueckert DDS

Procedure: All On 4


The patient had extensive previous dental procedures, including the placement of multiple bridges to address missing teeth. It had been several decades since his last dental cleaning, and he presented with severely decayed and broken-down teeth, as well as mobility issues due to bone loss. Experiencing dental anxiety, he expressed a desire for functional eating ability and considered dentures as a potential solution.





For this patient, function was a major concern when it came to his teeth. He also wanted ‘teeth in a day’ and did not want to go without his smile for any period of time. After a thorough examination and considering options, we decided an All-on-4 implant bridge was the best course of action. He was fitted with a fully functional temporary implant supported denture while the area healed. This took 3-4 months while the final Implant bridge was being fabricated by our world class lab. In that time, the patient was able to be involved in the customization process for exactly how he wanted his teeth to look and feel.


Once the patient was ready for the delivery of the Final implant supported bridge, he was extremely happy he did not settle for a prosthesis that he had to take in and out of his mouth every day. His current bridge will only be removed by us once a year to evaluate and clean the implants. This bridge will be brushed just as if they were his natural teeth. This life changing transformation has left the patient with more confidence, is no longer embarrassed to show his gorgeous smile, and can laugh out loud without being self conscious. Dental anxiety is something we see often in the world today. We were able to keep this patient at ease and he dealt with the process with trust and courage.

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