The All-on-4 dental implant technique has improved the way that implants can be used to treat tooth loss. For patients who have lost or are going to lose all upper or lower teeth, All-on-4 implants are the optimal solution. They provide patients a new set of permanent teeth that only require a minimum of four implants, and are incredibly secure and stable. With a feel and look that is completely natural, All-on-4 implants can restore confidence, function and improve oral health.

Conventional approaches to complete arch restoration involved six or more implants, with bone grafts, and extended treatment schedules sometimes lasting years and a multitude of surgeries. This caused patients to go long periods of time with poor fitted temporary dentures or partials and even at times without any teeth at all. The All-on-4 Implant technique has set a new standard in the way of treating total mouth restorations in a minimal amount of time.

All-on-4 Implant Technique

The All-on-4 implant technique restores missing teeth by installing a full bridge that is secured by a minimum of just four implants. The treatment stabilizes the jawbone and upper arch with long implants that maximize use of bone density and avoids anatomic structures in the upper and lower jaw. The increased stability provided by angulated rear implants many times eliminates the need for bone grafting or sinus lifts.

All-on-4 Dental ImplantsThis produces the greatest possible results in a limited amount of time with minimal discomfort. The rigid structure and cross stabilization furnished by All-on-4 implants allow treatment to be completed in only one day. The permanent implants can be quickly placed allowing patients to leave the office with their full replacement set of teeth in one day.

Patients typically experience limited soreness, and a quick recovery time. This is because with only four implants surgery is less invasive and the bone itself does not have much nerve innervation itself. Many report being able to eat a light meal the night of treatment, and some even choose to return to work the following day.

Advantages of All-on-4 Implants Over Traditional Dentures

All-on-4 Implants behave and function like natural teeth, which provide them many advantages over traditional dentures:

  • No sticky and messy adhesives
  • Alleviate discomfort and pressure on gums
  • Increased bite force to eat your favorite foods equivalent to natural teeth
  • Prevent Bone Degeneration
  • Leave-in at night like natural teeth
  • Can be brush and cleaned

The All-on-4 technique allows patients to choose what type of final prosthetic best suits their situation. There are 2 types of prosthetics used in restoring the All-on-4 cases. First, a fully ceramic milled zirconia version called a Prettau Bridge, is available for life like cosmetic results. Secondly, a hybrid version is available made of a metal bar wrapped in acrylic and using high end denture teeth for ideal form and function. Either fixed prosthetic offers unparalleled cosmetic results as well as high durability and function to chew.

Supported by strong clinical studies, the All-on-4 implant technique has been studied for over a decade and is unique in its ability of producing great results for dental patients. They are a long-term solution, which have the potential to last decades if not a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about the All-on-4 implants technique contact Dr. Ueckert’s office today. You can schedule a consultation and be on your way to a more confident and permanent solution to your missing teeth.